Product Care Eclipse

How To Care For Your Jewelry

A team of carefully selected experts identifies materials that are constantly tested and processed. Each collection is developed to ensure uniqueness and durability.
The materials used in Marzia Di Rosa's designs require specific care, so you can preserve the beauty of jewelry.
It is therefore recommended to follow our advice on use and maintenance, with due care your pieces will remain beautiful over the years.

Find out how to make sure your jewelry remains in top condition:

– The jewel should be cleaned regularly and gently with a cloth.
– Do not wash with water, soap and other substances.
– It is recommended to remove the jewelry if corrosive products are used.
– Carefully place the jewelry and accessories in the original packaging, avoiding contact with other jewelry as this could cause scratches.
– If the jewel suffers blows or bumps, do not force it or the stones setting and make sure they work correctly. If not, we recommended that you do not wear the jewel and to contact our customer service to have it checked.

Request a repair

We are pleased to offer free repair, plating and cleaning of Marzia Di Rosa products if it is verified that the product has manufacturing or assembly faults. In the event of accidental damage caused by a fall or misuse, any repairs will be charged to the customer.

For any questions contact: